Bake Sale for Charity

…well! I have patiently sat back and watched people use the TV media coverage of war to jump on the bandwagon of sharing ‘Hot’ news about affected areas, fall into fruitless arguments, hunt for ‘Likes’ and ‘Favourites’ and stir controversial debates…WHILE not many seem to actually do anything about any of the problems at hand. I mean sure, I will ‘Like’ your post about a graphic picture of a child who has been mutilated by a bomb (thanks for that image while I’m having my morning cup of tea by the way), to show my support and sympathy for what’s going on (I think?), but while your popular ‘Like-Attracting’ post might make some sleep well at night by giving them an elated sense of sainthood, it will in no way, shape or form help a kid who is sleeping at some shelter, and wakes up crying at night from the horrors they’ve experienced. 

No Comment...
No Comment…

Annnnd….A little about me and why I’m doing this: 

I am a part time Make Up Artist and a full time (trying to be) actor, and have always struggled with money! But in February, I came across this book of chocolate making, and having been a passionate baker and cook most of my life, an idea popped into my head…what if I do this and sell what I love? I won’t bore you with the details, but I did my research, studied the market and voila!! Here I am a few months later…somehow people have liked what I have to sell, and I have become a regular stall holder in both London and Canterbury at various markets! 

My First Market Stall At The Goods Shed, Canterbury

I feel now I have reached a stage in my life and career where I can do what I’ve always wanted and somehow, truly, make a difference! Since I’ve started doing what I love, my acting career has been going from strength to strength, and due to the nature of both my works, I have met some absolutely fantastic people! Everything seems to be falling into place. I feel at home within myself and wake up with a smile every day. Even if I am having a stressful day, seeing a child walk past my stall, their eyes widen, and their jaw drop at the sight of colourful macaroons and chocolates, is enough for my day to brighten up again. One of the greatest aspects of this is a regular income, which I hadn’t had in many years! The feeling of always having some spare money in your wallet to spend, guilt free, on something that catches your eye in a shop window! Joy! 

ANYWAY, the point I’m trying to make is that I can now live in relative comfort with a clear mind, and focus on things I have always wanted to do! I researched numerous charities because I had read a lot of horror stories about what happens to the money that people donate to some charities out there and into which hands they fall! This was until I came across War Child! What an awesome group of people and only 29 of them!! They are directly involved! They are based in north London and physically send their people to these areas for help…and what I love most is that they do it in such creative ways…music gigs, sports, arts and crafts, you name it…and they really do make a difference! Here is a link to their website, I will let you explore what they do here!

From Monday onwards, 10% of all my earnings from each stall I hold in London or Canterbury will go to this charity. They have been kind enough to let me do this, and what better way to donate to a charity than to end up with a sweet for your coffee or tea as a result? (That’s right, you don’t have to freeze, wipe your make up off, or any act of random bravery, just treat yourself to something nice to compliment your hot or cold beverage!)
My prices are extremely reasonable, I make absolutely everything from scratch at home and with lots of love! So if you’re about, come around and spread the word to your friends too….I am not asking you to donate money to me or to share this link! Simply spread the word about this lovely group of people and what I’m trying to do for them!

Imagine having one of these AND helping a child in need at the same time, without having to do a thing!
Imagine having one of these AND helping a child in need at the same time, without having to do a thing!

Meanwhile, I am going to try and talk to my local communities and see if I can find a venue to hold a bake sale purely for War Child and donate all proceeds from that day to this wonderful organisation! 

Knowing myself, I have always felt I won’t be good at blogging, but I feel this is a cause which can finally motivate me to write about, pursue, and who knows, maybe one day have enough money and insight to visit some of these beautiful children myself and meet them up close! All I know for sure is that I’m on the right path, and with the help of you people spreading the word, so many many innocent lives can change for the better! ❤ 

Treat yourself, treat a child to a better quality life!
Treat yourself, treat a child to a better quality life!

You do!


  1. This sounds like a really great cause and I hope you continue to be successful! I look forward to reading more posts – you have an honest, quirky writing style!!

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    • Thank you so much! I am so excited, this is my first reply to my first comment ever, and I’ve only just discovered both! Funnily enough, I have been described as quirky both as a person and in my writing style before, I don’t see it myself?! haha! I take it as a compliment though, definitely!


  2. Beautifull Elika!! It sounds as you found a peacefull moment and direction in your live. Glad about you. Kisses and good karma


  3. Hello lovely lady, so good to see you here!! 🙂

    What a great idea for a business, and I’m sure with your business head and bursting enthusiasm you’ll have a shop within no time. Although having said that, markets are more fun to shop at, they have the essence of that ‘ye olde shoppe’ or something like that! 😀

    I know what you mean about articles that draw attention to the horrors out there of one kind or another, and really it’s not the writer who wants, cares or can practically help, but just an annoying someone who wants the attention towards their page. There are soooo many websites and Facebook pages like that, I find most of them depressing! 😦

    It’s great you’ve chosen to donate 10% of your earnings to a good cause, that must give you that little bit more incentive to succeed. I have to admit I don’t usually have a huge interest in charities, but I know there are some shining organisations out there that do a great job and don’t get much of a mention anywhere. War Child certainly sounds like an interesting charity (I shall check them out, see what they do). War for most of us in peaceful countries is something we really haven’t a clue how badly some people are effected or how devastating it must feel to be in the midst of chaos. So anyone who can help in a practical way in that chaos, can’t be bad!

    I don’t know quite why, but I’m just imagining you with a beautiful confectionery/café/cake shop in the lovely Victorian rail station near to where I live. Probably my wishful thinking (or my fiction head!) that I lived a bit closer to where you are, and could just pop in and buy something delicious! 😀 They have some lovely shops in that rail station, but this kind of food would be irresistible! I expect there are a lot train stations near you, a stall or shop at one of those could be good for business – perhaps a future plan maybe?

    And congratulations in joining the WordPress blog world Lilika – it’s a BIG place! You’ve created an excellent post and I love your style of writing, very inviting to read. Looking forward to what you’ll be posting next! 🙂


    • Hello my dear Suzyyyyy ❤ I am so happy to have you follow me on here!! I always look forward to your lengthy comments on my fb, twitter and jottify posts!! It's such a joy to hear your opinion on things!!

      That's so spot on about the feel of the markets! I've just done a new post on some of my favourite market stalls, which should give you and the other readers a good idea of what Greenwich Market is about! Plus it has a strong sense of community, which is quite genuine and that's something rare nowadays!

      I am not a big fan of charity organisations either…when I did my research for War charities, I did come across some horrific information online and at various libraries, on what happens to the money people send to some very known, well trusted charities! That's why I was happy to find War Child…they're trustworthy and friendly, and I've managed to talk to the Charity managers directly, regarding my business and plans! So I'm very happy with my choice! I am also looking into doing a similar thing for an animal charity, but maybe a little down the line, as I'm not making that much money just yet! haha! But it's definitely a next step for me!

      Oh and what a beautiful image you made me picture, of the Victorian station and my retro stall! Haha! I love that!!! Maybe I should move up to Cotswold or Bath or somewhere equally quiet and suburban and do just that! My only fear is, no one will ever show up! I went to school around that area, and you could be at the train station (I think it was Kemble!) for 5 hours and not see a single human being! There were plenty of pigeons around though! Maybe I could divert my focus to a different kind of clientele? haha! I would love it if you do make your way to London one day to let me know! Even if I'm not at the market that day, I would still love to meet up with you and give you a box of goodies and catch up over coffee!!

      Thanks for your warm welcome message as well! I am excited to finally be part of the WordPress world of blogging and bloggers!!


      • I’ve waited in train stations like that, oooh creepy, don’t like that at all! It’s a very long time since I’ve been to Bath, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be that quiet – someone will want chocolates, or a macaroon!! 😀

        It would be great to meet up with you in London! I haven’t been that way for a long time. My brother and I were actually born there, should have grown up there, but moved and moved and London became a long off! I shall see what I can do, I’m sure it can be arranged.

        Thanks for the comment on Jottify, had a brief look yesterday, will get back there as soon as I’ve worked my way through the pile of WordPress posts, I’m very behind! And I haven’t forgotten about emailing you my address, just haven’t got down to emails yet – it’s been a busy week! 🙂


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