Collaboration with Cleansea

Recently I had the pleasure of being introduced to Lukas, who runs the organisation Cleansea in Sweden, who do phenomenal work cleaning the oceans. They have come up with a wonderful idea to fund their efforts to remove trash from the sea. They have designed an eco-friendly bracelet, which can be purchased on their website. Not only does this make you an official ambassador for Cleansea, but it also allows Lukas to spend that time to remove 1kg of trash from the ocean. For each bracelet purchased, you help make oceans a better place for marine life. Isn’t that just superb!?

You can make a difference by just purchasing one bracelet, which gives Cleansea the funding and ability to put in the time to remove 1kg of rubbish from the sea.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Lukas about the work he does, and he was kind enough to offer me two bracelets. We made a pact, since I don’t live too close to the sea, that I would clean the forest near me and collect 1kg of rubbish in return for him doing the same for the ocean near to him.  We documented some of our work in pictures, hoping to inspire everyone else to participate and make a difference in their communities.

Here is what Cleansea had to tell us in a few brief questions:


Q. ‘How did you become interested in environmental health?’
A. ‘I’ve been close to the ocean all my life. I’m fascinated by how beautiful and full of life it is. However sadly I’ve also seen a lot of destruction in it. Mostly by ocean trash and especially plastic. I want to do my best to make a change, which is why I started this movement.

Q.’What gave you the idea for the bracelets?’
A.‘I came across 4ocean and think what they do is great. Bringing people together to clean the ocean and giving everyone a chance to make a difference from home by just ordering a bracelet to show their support. I wanted to do this too, but with bracelets that can’t harm the ocean if they end up in it and thought I could remove 1kg of trash from them instead of 1 pound.’

Q.’How and where are the bracelets made?’
A.’I make the bracelets myself using natural materials (cotton and natural colouring) here in Sweden. I wanted a marine design and also wanted the bracelet to symbolise everlasting oceans, which is why I make them with the infinity knot as its centerpiece.’

Q.’How does purchasing a bracelet help clean the oceans?’
A.‘Purchasing the bracelet funds the removal of 1kg of trash from the ocean, preventing marine life from being harmed by it. Every year millions of animals in the ocean die from ocean trash. Plastic can last for hundreds of years in the ocean, and there’s so much of it that it even causes imbalance in the ocean’s ecosystems. Removing trash from the oceans both saves animals from being harmed as well as supporting healthy oceans.’

Q.’How has your work impacted your environment so far?’
A.‘To date, we have removed over 80kgs of trash from both rivers flowing out into the oceans, from coastlines and directly from from the oceans. Hopefully removing this trash will have saved many animals from being harmed, however there is one place we have probably made the biggest impact. In the West Coast of Sweden, there is a cove where lots of trash is washed up and also where many seabirds live. Many of them have died because of eating the washed up plastic. Removing that trash has hopefully saved many of these birds from being harmed.’

Q.’Where do you wish to go as your next step?’
A.‘Right now we are focusing on growing our audience and spreading awareness to help people understand how much damage trash is causing in our oceans. I believe that if people understand this they will do their best to make a change and want to become part of the solution.’

Q.’Lastly, what is the most important aim and objective for you and what are your long term goals?’
‘The most important objectives of this movement are to both spread awareness and to remove trash that is causing so much harm to marine life. Our current goal is to remove 1000kgs of trash from the ocean, and to make a long term change by changing people’s relationship with both plastic and other kinds of trash. If we can spread awareness and make people understand the consequences of plastic in our oceans they will do their best to prevent it from entering the ocean in the first place.’


‘The trash we removed by Cleansea is then sorted into different categories such as plastic or metal to be recycled and used again, giving it a new purpose instead of harming our oceans.’

Even if you don’t wish to purchase a bracelet, you can simply make a difference by following Cleansea on social media and spread awareness. With just one click, you will have already taken a step toward making this world a better place by supporting something wonderful. To find out more, you can follow Cleansea on:

Instagaram:  @_cleansea



Have a wonderful day!

Elika x

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